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Running on the beach!
Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is a very unusual time in our world and most of us are feeling a bit anxious and uncertain about the future. I personally have felt this and at the same time felt an unusual sense of calm and peace knowing that I can only control some “things” in my life, and that the most important of those is my efforts to take care of myself in the forms of nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness. Then sharing time with those I love and my community.

Somehow that realization made me feel good. I think that is part of what this blog is about.

However after we get through this strange period in our history I will still continue to share the passions I have had for the last 40 plus years and counting. That is the passion of life being lived to its fullest.

I like to say sometimes “this aint no dress rehersal”!

I will personally be sharing/teaching about wellness, fitness, health, and nutrition and whatever else you would like to discuss. As well as some adventures of myself past, present and future.

So please feel free to join in and help create this blog!

I must admit that this is the first time I have taken up writing in a public format, other then College Composition, so its a bit scary but what the heck, rewards come with risks!

Peace and Health and Contentment,

Janice B Gaines