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We are back!
Starting January 8th!

Join us!!!!


A walk-jog-run club that meets every Saturday morning at 7:30am at 144 Laneda Ave.

Next Fit Manzanita and Spa Manzanita

  • Fight the winter blues, winter weight gain and enjoy the camaraderie of other fitness enthusiasts of all levels on a weekly commitment to better health, weight loss, outdoor exposure and fun!
  • We will go rain, wind or shine, its all good!
  • Try and bring a can of food for the North County Food Bank and we will collect and take over there once a month.

Janice B. Gaines BS LMT (owner of spa manzanita and fitness/wellness expert), will lead, teach, encourage and share with you her experience and knowledge.

We will do a self-paced (approximately) one hour course that starts and ends at the parking lot with a new or not so new course each week.