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The other day a person emailed us to book a couple services. I personally picked up this email about 15min after it came in. This was a new client because we always look to see if they have been to the spa before, if they have we call. I responded with all the normal questions: What is your full name? Can I have a cell number? And what time of day is best for you?

I did not get a response….about 3 hours later, I emailed again (as we do) to be sure our email was received and if there was any other questions.

Nothing.. no response. Okay since this booking was a couple weeks out, no worries. I emailed one more time two days later just to be thorough, (something my mother taught me). Many many times folks are very glad we follow up. This potential client then responded with “I booked on-line somewhere else, it was easier that way.”

Okay fair enough….

I guess I am just really old fashion. Dang me for missing the days when you called a business and a human answered the phone and could give you all the information you need and maybe even share a laugh or two. Good “old fashion” communication, oh boy do I miss that. Well I am determined to not give it up in my life and my business. I am open seven days a week and we are here if you have any questions and want to be sure to book exactly what you want. It is expensive to go to a spa and I want you to spend your hard earned money in a way you will be happy. You might be booking a for a friend or spouse (they are the same), that has been to the spa before and we can look them up and help make suggestions as to what they might like.

When you call us you might even have a question or two about the town like where to eat, what is going on and maybe something you did not think of. We are here to serve our community and to keep the flow of human communication alive.

Yes we are in the business of CUSTOMER SERVICE.. call me old fashion, I’ll take it with pride.

with love and care,

Janice Gaines