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I don’t think I am being presumptuous in saying we all desire to be healthy; we all want to be strong and fit and feel good. Everyone wants to grow older with the use and the capacity to be mobile and able-bodied.

Recognizing this, what stops us from accomplishing this relatively simple task? What stops this course of action in your life? Maybe you started a “program” and then stopped (many times)? Or maybe you just let things go altogether but you think about creating a healthier life style? Why don’t you?

I am not pointing a figure at anyone and I am certainly not going to cast the first stone. If it makes you feel any better (and it won’t), according to the World Health Organization (WHO) worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. Obesity is a bigger (pun intended) health crisis globally than hunger. Our culture is getting fatter and unhealthier and no one likes it, yet we continue on this path. If we know something is creating discontentment and poor health, and we also know that by changing some of our actions and by doing some things like exercise and improving our eating will make us happier and healthier why don’t we do it? It is so frustrating and maddening how we are at times.  I have been trying to figure this out. How can we “fix” this dilemma?  What are the magic words to help others and myself? I am not sure but I have come up with some ideas to offer.

This is what is not: There are no magic words, there are no simple solutions, there is no amazing diet or any miracle exercise programs or pill or gadgets or anything you can buy. But what there is, is you!  You and every part of of you, your mind, your body, your heart and your soul, nothing more and nothing less!

I think fear gets in our way and that is when we come up with excuses and reasons why we cannot do what it is we really want to do. At times of clarity and strength we can see and feel the changes we want to be and then… bam something stops us. So infuriating isn’t it? We see others make changes that we hope to make in ourselves, it seems seemingly simple from that view point. But what we don’t experience is their fear and the resistance and the doubt that life-changing goals come with.

Maybe the best way to deal with these fears is to walk right up to them, stare at them and then move right through them like they don’t exist. Strength and belief in yourself, in your power, because you are very powerful and that in itself is a bit scary but once you give yourself permission to feel your own unique strength you will experience a sense of liberation and self respect. Facing our fears robs them of their powers.  This experience comes moment by moment. It is not always about getting somewhere. Goals are great and helpful but goals are only achieved by each step along the way.  It does mean building incrementally; the challenge is in the moment and in the moment after that. Remember a “journey of a thousand mile journey begins with a single step” (Laozi).  When you hear the self-talk that is self-defeating similar to “oh I use to be…” or “if I could only be…” and so on that is you leaving the moment and letting your fear get in the way. Step back and observe your mind as it offers many excuses for not taking action. This is your opportunity to take that walk through the fear.


It is the opportunity to making those life changing choices that give you the satisfaction and feel of success. It is as simple as ordering a meal at a restaurant, reaching for a healthy snack when you are hungry or putting your shoes on to walk out the door for a hike or walk. Each moment you choose to act in the positive life changing ways that you desire, you are choosing an action that will dissolve the fears you cling to. Try to quiet that noise and get back to You! By finding this strength you will get to enjoy the place live in – your body.

By Janice B Gaines BS LMT