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Manzanita Pace Setters Jan 17th 2009

January 10th 2009

Manzanita Pace Setter Charter Group Photo


I am so excited the Manzanita Pace Setters are off to a super start.

We had 15 people, including an 8 year old girl Katie that ran the whole 3 miles with her mom.

And two dogs!

Some folks ran, some jogged and plenty of walkers, its all good.

We collected a full box of food for the North County Food Bank and that is the topping on the cake.

The plan is to meet every Saturday morning rain or shine and head out a new course each week that will be approximately 3 miles with optional add-on milage. You can walk, jog, trot, canter, lope or sprint its up to you! Do you own thing!

Yes you can bring:

Dogs (bring a leash in case we do a road thats a bit busier)


Roller Skates

There  are no rules but you did need to show up and if you can bring a can of food for the donation.

Come join us anytime!