My Pledge

Every professional at spa manzanita pledges services and products to make your visit to the coast and our spa truly exceptional. You can look forward to an inspired ritual for body, mind and spirit. At spa manzanita, we combine the serenity of the beach, the power of expert touch and the comfort of our surroundings to ensure a rejuvenating experience.

Because we all live as well as work at the coast, we take pride in building lasting relationships with you and our community. We welcome you as friends as well as clients, seeking your wellness for tomorrow as well as your contentment for today.

You can rely on my personal commitment to your health and wellness based on over three decades of experience as therapist, athletic trainer and wellness advisor. Enjoy - and welcome to our family.

I have created this spa and build upon a foundation from my own personal massage and health care business of 30 years. My philosophy of personal attention and care to lasting relationships will continue throughout the vision and growth of Spa Manzanita.

Spa Manzanita guarantees every effort to provide you with an enriching experience and expert service. Spa Manzanita is a place of serenity and relaxation. Enjoy and welcome to our family.