Suzy Berns

Licensed Massage Therapist
Oregon License 15958
On sabbatical currently. She will return soon.

Suzy is from Vancouver, WA.  A retired school teacher, she received her B.S. in Elementary Education from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.  Married to husband John, an avid fisherman, they have vacationed in Manzanita for 17 years and look forward to the day when they both will call Manzanita home.  They have 3 grown children and a Golden Retriever named Gumbaux.  You may already have seen him frolicking on the beach!

Suzy is licensed to practice massage in both Oregon and Washington, having received her training at East West College of the Healing Arts, Portland, OR.  She is also a Certified Spiritual Director and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  She has extensive experience in pastoral care, hospice and working with the elderly.  As a massage therapist, she is a good listener, attentive to the individual needs of each client, and makes every effort to honor the confidence placed upon her abilities.

Quote from Suzy:  "My life has meaning when I am helping others to feel better about who they are, how they feel, and how they interact with their world."

Suzy's favorite quote: "I come to the sea to breathe." --Mary Anne Radmacher