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spa manzanita is launching new services!!!

facial department is getting a new face 🙂

these are just a few of the new services we are offering, in addition to the classic services we offer!

*ocean illumination facial

Fantastic for reducing pigmentation and creating a glowing radiance. This special facial includes a Microdermabrasion service followed by a Phytomer Vitamin C Mask over a serum for brightening the skin, finished off with a brightening illumination cream.                                             Seventyfive Minutes $170

*restore by the sea facial

Created as a Anti Aging, Preventative and Corrective Facial.  This facial will result in a feel of being lifted and smoothed. A two mask facial that  begins with a Alpha Hydroxy mask, followed by tensing-smoothing mask laid over a restoring replenishing serum. Finished off with a phenomenal restructuring moisturizer.     Sixtyfive minutes $130

*beach face fresh facial

An oxygenating facial that is perfect for tired, dull of distressed skin. Start with a creamy micro scrub that eliminates dead skin cells, followed by the most delicious mask that warms up as it works pulling out all impurities. Next we place a serum that focus on dark spots and tired skin that is laid under a freshening mask. Finished off with a repairing cream.    Seventyfive minutes $160

*smoothing radiant eye treatment

An eye radiance mask combined with a revitalizing massage dedicated to the eye contour area. One treatment brings visible results.   Add on to any facial $20

*beach time-out for body & face

Indulge in an ocean sea salt scrub for the entire body that is luscious for the skin, followed by our Ocean Smoothing Stone Facial and a deep warm therapeutic moisturizing paraffin hand treatment. Lots of time is allotted for neck, shoulder, arms and feet massage in this escape.        Hour and fortyfive minutes $205