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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna at Spa Manzanita

Investing in your health is probably the best thing you can do for yourself!

Our infrared sauna, by Sunlighten Saunas, offers a multitude of health benefits such as detoxification, improved heart health, faster muscle recovery and more.

Detoxification through sweat is a centuries old practice. Modern environmental medicine has proven that sweat is more than temperature regulation, it’s also part of the body’s elimination system. It’s one of the best ways to detox your body.

Infrared offers an enjoyable, pleasant experience. It warms the body from within instead of just heating the air around you. This provides a unique opportunity for health benefits beyond a traditional sauna.


An enjoyable, relaxing experience
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single infrared sauna session

Increase circulation, flush toxins, improve immunity & calm the mind

30-45 minutes depending on Wellness Program selected $45

infrared sauna session for two

Enjoy all the benefits of sauna-ing, and sweat it out with a companion

30-45 minutes depending on Wellness Program selected $80

massage add-on

Loosen up your muscles first in a sauna before you head into your massage. Or choose to continue the relaxation with a soothing sauna session afterwards

5 pack of infrared saunas (6 months)

Relax, detox…

5 Pack of 30-45 minute sessions $200

Packages are not shareable or transferrable. Sessions expire 6 months after purchase.

10 pack of infrared saunas (6 months)

Relax, detox…

10 Pack of 30-45 minute sessions $350

Packages are not shareable or transferrable. Sessions expire 6 months after purchase.

Your infrared sauna session will wrap up with an invigorating cold foot soak. Cold therapy is said to reduce inflammation, swelling, and sore muscles. Alternating hot and cold conditions triggers your body to naturally increase blood flow and improve circulation.

Customize Your Program

Your sauna experience is a customizable and optimized to give you the best result for your wellness journey.

Choose from six pre-set programs that direct the sauna’s heaters to emit the optimal blend of infrared wavelengths to achieve your desired result.


Feel better. Healthier. Stronger.

When you feel better, you can move better and do more. Infrared helps with healing through its pain relief and anti-inflammation benefits. The light penetrates the body and stimulates circulation, decreases inflammation, and provides relief from pain.

The deep detoxification infrared waves stimulating within the body are also known to help remove certain toxic heavy metals and other environmental toxins that cause debilitating symptoms. Infrared also boosts the immune system, helping the body stay healthy and ready to fight viruses and other illness.


Feel restored. Revitalized. Rejuvenated.

No one wants muscle soreness to slow them down. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend golfer or simply trying to stay active, proper muscle recovery impacts your ability to keep doing what you love. Infrared sauna therapy penetrates muscles deeper, increases blood flow and helps the body recover faster so you can stay in the game of sports, and life.

Infrared light heats the body from within and penetrates the joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and blood flow for proper healing. It accelerates recovery, helps build muscles, decreases inflammation, and increases flexibility.


Feel beautiful. Youthful. Peaceful.

Looking good is all about feeling good and infrared sauna therapy helps. The skin health and anti-aging benefits of infrared light help you feel radiant and confident as they help improve overall skin tone, softness, smoothness, elasticity, clarity and firmness.

Infrared relaxes the body and mind, fights inflammation, and builds collagen and elastin. So, not only does your skin look better on the outside, you will also feel better from the inside.

Full spectrum IR sauna therapy would be a multibillion dollar drug if it came in a pill. The ability to heal endothelium, improve symptoms and prognosis for congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease is remarkable. Sunlighten saunas are the only infrared saunas clinically shown to lower blood pressure and reduce belly fat, both contributing factors to a health heart.

Dr. Joel Kahn, MD

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Such a find in such a beautiful part of the world! Hands down, one of the best spa experiences! From the staff to the treatments…Rave reviews! If you want a place that is clean, friendly and you walk out feeling revived and rejuvenated, look no further. I would highly recommend this place to anyone going to the Oregon Coast!

Denise B.

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