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Your Visit to Spa Manzanita

Our goal is to nourish your body and soul

We believe self-care is sacred. Our massage therapists and estheticians strive to bring rejuvenation, relaxation and healing to all who walk through our door.

Check out our bios to learn about the gifted team we have at spa manzanita.

We look forward to seeing you and being part of your self-care!

Owner - Maggie Seever Pollock

Maggie Seever PollockMaggie is the NEW OWNER of spa manzanita and member of our peaceful coastal community.

As I transition into my new role there is much to be grateful for, to learn, to explore and to cherish. 

A series of “magic moments” led me to the Oregon coast, on a quest to nourish my soul and find joy in connection and community. I know so many others feel the same about this special place. My intention is that all who step through our door feel welcome when they walk in and serenity in body and spirit when they leave.

Below are words that spoke to me as I chose Manzanita for my next chapter.

I want to age like sea glass.
Smoothed by tides,
but not broken.
I want my hard edges to soften.
I want to ride the waves
and go with the flow.
I want to catch a wave
and let it carry me
to where I belong.
I want to be picked up
and held gently
by those who delight
in my well earned patina and
appreciate the changes I went
through to achieve that beauty.
I want to enjoy the journey
and always remember that if
you give the ocean something
breakable it will turn it into
something beautiful.
I want to age like sea glass.

-Bernadette Noll

Spa Manager - Sam Michael

SamSam is our phenomenal spa manager who is one of the first people you will meet when you call to book appointments and who will greet you as you enter our blissful spa. Sam’s warmth and healing energy will make you feel welcome and taken care of during your self-care time at the spa.

Sam is a man of diverse talents as he is also our very own Reiki Master and maker of our hemp and Aromatherapy products.

Barbara Rubin - Licensed Massage Therapist #5690

Barbara RubinI bring a wealth of experience and a natural affinity for the art of massage and bodywork.  My knowledge basis of Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Acupressure, deep tissue massage and more informs the fluid, integrated style I have developed. My intent is to give each person the opportunity to experience the feeling of peace, balance and renewal that is possible when body and mind are relieved of pain and stress.

As a longtime Oregon resident I love everything about Oregon, and hope to explore its beauty from East to West.  My favorite pastimes include gardening, hiking, beachcombing, and I would like to learn kayaking and maybe do some fishing.

Hayley Claypool - Licensed Massage Therapist #22531

Hayley Claypool LMTHayley is returning to Spa Manzanita as guest massage therapist. We are delighted to have her back on the team 💕

Hayley blends clinical and spa therapy skills to co-create an effective and therapeutic massage experience with her one-on-one bodywork clients.

Licensed and practicing full-time since 2012, Hayley is dedicated to high quality service and continuous learning to perfect her craft.

“I absolutely love the spa team and guests here at Spa Manzanita. I’m honored to offer my massage therapy skill set to help create your spa moment here in beautiful Manzanita, Oregon!”

Hayley will be visiting us once a month for now and can be booked from our website along with our other team members or directly.

Joe Field - Licensed Massage Therapist #27996

Joe Fields

Joe is joining Spa Manzanita as guest massage therapist. We are delighted to have him on our serene spa team!

Joseph graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy with 750 classroom hours and 115.5 clinic hours by the age of 19. His style of massage uses a combination on Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Massage, and Reflexology techniques.  He has worked in various day spas providing high quality massage and facial services (he is also a Licensed Master Esthetician).

Seven years after joining the massage/wellness industry, he now strives to bring the importance of therapeutic touch to body and skin care.

Michael Burns - Licensed Massage Therapist #8333

Michael BurnsI graduated from East West College in Portland, Oregon. My unique style integrates training in several Western and Eastern modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point style massage, Myofascial, Sports and Connective Tissue Release. I believe we all contain the innate capability to heal and I use an intuitive approach to create the ideal environment for your body to unwind.

Through compassionate and careful listening I address physical and energetic issues, gently ushering your body toward its own natural healing abilities and opening up the potential for deep releasing of all kinds. I strive to make each session on my table meaningful for your life that day, guiding your body toward peace, balance and relaxation.

Rae Mannix - Licensed Massage Therapist #023576

My bodywork journey began at a small school in Port Huron, Mi in 2017. Since then I have blossomed into the passionate massage therapist I am today. I have background in reflexology, Swedish, reiki, myofascial release, deep tissue, and watsu massage. When I am meeting a client, it is important to me to be present and listen. My sessions provide a unique experience tailored to what it is you want to address. I believe in trust and comfort to achieve the best healing you can for your body, mind, and spirit.
Outside of work I enjoy self care to keep myself grounded. These things include, being outdoors, reading, cooking, yoga and meditation, and dancing! I am also an artist and love to explore knew areas of the world.

Tatyana Mikhlina - Licensed Massage Therapist #25371

We’re excited to welcome Tatyana to the Spa Manzanita team. She is a new Guest Massage Therapist and is bringing her specialties and skills to our blissful day spa on the coast.

Tatyana’s specialty is a unique fusion of relaxation massage, and slow, gooey, firm deep tissue.

She is a gifted LMT who specializes in deep tissue, relaxation therapy, and abdominal massage.

Tatyana will be visiting us once a month for now and can be booked from our website along with our other team members or directly.

Indira Deerwater - Licensed Esthetician # FT-001003

Indira Deerwater
I have been a licensed esthetician since 2000 and have extensive training in advanced facial massage and natural product knowledge as well as a wide variety of modalities, including energy work, vibrational medicine and somatic healing techniques.

My favorite place is the beach! I love that our OSEA skincare line uses pure sea ingredients for clean, luminous, healthy results oriented skincare. I look forward to creating a luxurious and relaxing experience for you at Spa Manzanita.

Karen Bradley - Esthetician #324509

Karen BradleyI have been an esthetician for over 20 years. My passion is in anti-aging treatments as well as healthy skin care.

I was raised in the Great Lake state of Michigan. In 1983 I moved to Oregon and call it my true home.

My other passions in life are gardening, hiking, bird watching, beach  combing and photography and spending time with my two daughters.

I look forward to treating you to a wonderful facial!

Patricia Phillips - Licensed Massage Therapist #3391 and Esthetician # 10124283


Patricia Phillips

I have been an active massage therapist for over 25 years.  I have worked at spas in Cannon Beach, Astoria, and Tillamook.  I am also a licensed esthetician.  After traveling for years, up and down our beautiful coastline, I am happy to be working locally at our delightful boutique Spa Manzanita.  As a Wheeler resident for 30 years, it’s great to travel only 10 minutes to work.  Couldn’t be better.  I hope I will have the opportunity to meet you and provide a relaxing and blissful spa experience at Spa Manzanita.

Sam Michael - Reiki Master/ Teacher

I have a richly diverse background in Reiki Energy Healing, Herbal Medicine, Hemp- Topicals, Aromatherapy, Trauma Care, Crisis Management, and more… I continuously enjoy learning new things such as Functional Nutrition Counseling, Home-Chef-ing, new and continued education in many of the above modalities.

Exhale while counting to 4 seconds, hold that for 4 seconds, inhale fully to 4 seconds, hold that for 4 seconds, do this a few times with your eyes gently closed. Notice that your shoulders are dropped, your jaw isn’t clenched, and things feel better, even just in this moment.

I have been caring for others all of my life, and have been blessed, and empowered to use my gifts to encourage others on their journey, this journey that is our life. It isn’t often that we carve out the time to relax, to breathe, to sit and find ourselves again. You do know what you want, to breathe easier for a moment. To step back to gain some clarity. You have used all of your spoons for the foreseeable future, and you need an intuitively guided self-reboot. This is what I GET to do, and share with You! Reach out today so we can get you closer to YOU, YOU that wins, loves yourself, and thrives.. on the daily!

When I am not sharing these gifts with beautiful humans, I may be found at the beach…recharging, meditating, creating amazing aromatherapy things, or (safely) traveling with my Partner to the awe-inspiring treasures of our mother earth.

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From Our Clients

From the moment you walk through the door, you know this place is special with its calming and peaceful vibe. Maggie, the owner, was fabulous. We were three friends on a girl’s trip and this was one of our favorite experiences. Each of us thought our massage was exactly what we needed and asked for. I can’t recommend this spa highly enough. Just go—you deserve it and you won’t regret it.

Lynn O.

October 2022

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