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Embark on a journey of deeper self-discovery. Experience a heightened awareness of your body and the dynamic energy flowing within. Rae dedicates their Reiki practice to ensuring clients leave feeling a profound connection and alive in the present. A session with Rae is designed to cleanse, rejuvenate, and amplify the energy pathways in your body, fostering a harmonious alignment with your innermost needs.

Rae’s journey with Reiki energy started years before their career as a massage therapist. Emerging from a state of detachment, Rae awakened to the realization that life encompasses more than mere routine. This epiphany ignited a quest for inner connection, leading to a more vibrant existence. Drawn to the clarity of their internal energy, Rae explored crystals, meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, and various healing practices. Following their massage therapy education, Rae pursued Reiki training, achieving a level 3 certification, which now informs their holistic approach to life.

Rae’s calm, compassionate demeanor will help you feel safe while you unravel what’s been holding you back. Take time to let your energy recharge so you can fully shine.

You can book Rae for a 60 minute or 30 minute Reiki session.  Or add on a 15 minute session after a restorative massage with Rae. Read more about Reiki and book a session directly from our Spa Manzanita website, spamanzanita.com, or book Rae directly, here.