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Our menu of packages are just mere suggestions, we encourage you to create your own unique spa day. We are here to answer any questions and be of assistance.

I find myself at the extremity of a long beach. How gladly does the spirit leap forth, and suddenly enlarge its sense of being to the full extent of the broad, blue, sunny deep! A greeting and a homage to the Sea!

I descend over its margin, and dip my hand into the wave that meets me, and bathe my brow. That far-resounding roar is the Ocean’s voice of welcome. His salt breath brings a blessing along with it.

–Nathaniel Hawthorne

winter wellness

Sink into relaxation and soothing warmth with this package perfect for the cooler days

  • Neahkahnie Hot Stone Massage (90 minutes of pure relaxation)
  • Spinal Detox (enhancement to your massage to warm, relax and release tight back muscles)
  • Infrared Sauna (select the program to meet your wellness goals) 30-45 minutes

$280 – approximately two and a half hours

renew & revive

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa package that combines the benefits of red light therapy and a nourishing facial.  Experience a red light therapy sauna session before your facial to aid the absorption and effectiveness of the products used in your facial.  Get the best of both with this package aimed at hydrating, brightening and renewing your beautiful skin.

  • Red light therapy in our infrared sauna (30 minute low level, near-infrared light to stimulate cellular healing and rejuvenation)
  • Ocean Illumination Age-Defying facial (80 minutes)

$230 – approximately two hours

manzanita beach time

  • Beach Break Massage 90 minute
  • Sea of Life Custom Facial
  • Indulgence for Hands Treatment
  • Foot soak and Tea or a glass of wine or mimosa

$375 – about 3 hours

a perfect beach day

  • Beach Break Massage 60 minute
  • Sea of Life Custom Facial 55 minute

$255 – about 2 hours

sacred journey

  • aromatherapy foot soak with short, guided meditation (30 minutes)
  • Neah-kah-nie Stone Facial or Neah-kah-nie Stone Massage (80-90 minutes)
  • Reiki Session (60 minutes)

$370 – Approximately 3 hours

time out for face and body

  • OSEA earth & sea body scrub
  • Neah-kah-nie Healing Stone Facial
  • Indulgence for hands

$345 – about two hours and twenty minutes

neah-kah-nie treasure

  • Neah-kah-nie Stone Massage 90 minute
  • Neah-kah-nie Soothing Stone Facial
  • Indulgence for Feet & Hands
  • Aromatherapy Foot Soak with Tea or Mimosa

$465 – about 3 and a half hours

because you deserve it

  • OSEA anti-aging Marine Body Wrap
  • Ocean Illumination Age Defying Facial
  • Smoothing Radiant Eye Treatment
  • Neahkahnie Beach Walk with Tea or mimosa

$440 – approximately three hours

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From Our Clients

What a wonderful and relaxing experience!  My family was vacationing in Manzanita back in July and I decided at the last minute to see if my daughter and I could get appointments for facials.  Both Maggie and Sam were so helpful in trying to accommodate us.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in on the same day, but while I was waiting for my daughter, Maggie offered that I could enjoy an aromatherapy foot soak and cup of tea.  It was such a lovely and unexpected treat!  I had an appointment the following day with Karen and enjoyed a Sea of Life facial with a neck, shoulder and hand massage.  Just what I needed to complement an amazing week at the beautiful OR coast.  I will definitely be back the next time I’m in town!

Alicia T.

San Mateo, CA

A Local Treasure

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at Spa Manzanita