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Massage and Body

Massage & Body Treatments at Spa Manzanita

The ocean provides so much for our health – and we respect that here on the Oregon coast. Seaweed is a natural anti-inflammatory. The high magnesium content reduces muscle tensions and the anti-oxidants have anti-aging properties, improve circulation, and enhance the immune system.  It’s also super hydrating for the skin. Many of our body treatments use our new OSEA Malibu skin care line that uses natural ingredients including bioavailable organic seaweed extracts,

Hot Stone Massage at Spa Manzanita

neah-kah-nie stone massage

Our signature service. Let the talented hands of your therapists and heat from Neah-kah-nie Mountain stones reach deep into tense muscles. As you relax and release, we personalize your treatment as we learn the pressures you find most helpful. Warming, soothing, relaxing and releasing. A unique coastal experience.

Ninety minutes. $205

beach break massage

A Swedish style massage to achieve relaxation while improving circulation and well being.
Add aromatherapy complimentary.

Sixty minutes $130   Ninety minutes $185

aromatherapy massage

Add on an aromatherapeutic experience to your Beach Break massage. The blends we use are created just for us, right here at Spa Manzanita!

Sixty minutes $130   Ninety minutes $185

deep sea massage

This deep tissue massage focuses on those overworked muscles living below the surface. This intensely therapeutic massage is designed to relieve pain associated with muscle knots, heavy physical activity, and everyday stress and is customized to target specific areas in need of relief.

Sixty minutes $155   Ninety minutes $215
Try adding our salve for added muscle soothing  (take the remainder of the 1 oz jar home) value $33


This nurturing & relaxing therapy focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be by relieving stress on joints and neck & back pain. We use expressly designed pre-natal pillows and products.

Sixty $145 Ninety minutes $210
We recommend adding a facial or a foot service for extra pampering!

Spa Manzanita Body Treatment

you-name-the-spot massage

This service is aimed to address more specific issues such as chronic injury or an acute problem, or it can be a relaxing massage focused on your neck and shoulders.

Forty five minutes $115

cupping massage

Cupping is a form of massage by which cups are placed on the skin to create suction. It’s a treatment that releases stagnation, pain, and discomfort from the body as well as softens tight muscles and joints. Excellent for injury or recovery from injury.

Sixty minutes $150   Ninety minutes $215

Body Treatments

body wrap
body wrap

OSEA marine body wrap

This moisturizing treatment for your body firms the skin, restores elasticity and leaves your skin silky to the touch. A seaweed-infused firming body oil rich in vitamins and minerals is gently massaged into your skin, followed by an anti-aging body balm containing Undaria algae, coconut and babassu oils — all to tone, hydrate and firm skin.

Forty five minutes $135
We recommend adding a massage or facial to this service

OSEA earth & sea scrub

An invigorating full-body scrub, featuring algae and sea salts harvested from around the world, exfoliates and softens your skin. A blissful application of anti-aging coconut oil leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

Forty five minutes $130
We recommend adding a massage or facial to this service.

OSEA healing cocoon

For a truly decadent treatment, you will start with an aromatherapy foot soak before luxuriating in a combination of our OSEA earth and see scrub and OSEA marine body wrap treatments. A sea salt and botanical body scrub increases circulation, softens and exfoliates dull skin to prepare it for envelopment in an incredibly moisturizing marine body mask. This age defying blend is infused with Algae, White Tea, Copper and Zinc Peptides to plump, firm, tone and deeply nourish your skin from head to toe.

You will take your personal dry brush home after the treatment.

Two hours $260

Please note we do not have a shower facility. 

Spinal Detox at Spa Manzanita

Enhancements to Massage & Body Treatments

spinal detox

Add this to your massage! A magnesium-packed warming mud is applied along the spine to detoxify, warm, re-mineralize and relax tight back muscles. Perfect for those with chronically-achy backs, as well as for any area of sprain, strain, or inflammation. Feels amazing!

Add on to a massage, body treatment or facial $30

wild Gigartina hair mask

A warm, nutrient-rich seaweed infusion is slowly poured along the hairline and massaged into the scalp with a nourishing dose of Açai and Passion Fruit Oils. These oils are rich in hair-loving omega fatty acids and are blended with essential oils of Cypress, Lime and Grapefruit.
(Please note we do not have a shower facility)

Add on to a massage, body treatment or facial $30

infrared sauna

Add an infrared sauna session (for one or two people) before or after your massage. Loosen up your muscles first in a sauna before you head into your massage. Or choose to continue the relaxation with a soothing sauna session afterwards.
(Please note we do not have a shower facility)

Add on to a massage, body treatment or facial $45

indulgence for feet and hands

Easy enhancement to most services. A rich and luxurious reparative coconut oil balm infused with Jasmine, Açai and Passionfruit is massaged into the hands and feet, followed by a cocoon of warm towels to penetrate and repair rough, dry or callused skin. Softens skin with omega fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants and skin-soothing peptides.

Add on to a massage, body treatment or facial
Hands or Feet $30, Both $50

aromatherapy enhancement

Add on a unique aromatherapeutic experience to your service! The blends we use are created just for us, right here at Spa Manzanita!

Add on to a massage, body treatment or facial $20

Massage and Body Treatments at Spa Manzanita
Massage & Body
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Facials and Skin Services at Spa Manzanita
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Hands & Feet


From Our Clients

Her name is Barbara, and she changed my life. I have had a lot of massages but no one has ever found every single thing wrong with my body and worked on them all. Best shoulder massage I’ve ever had.

I will be coming back as often as I can! Sam at reception was also incredible. Love this place!!

Katy K

Eugene, OR

A Local Treasure

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