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We have endured a flood from the upstairs unit. This caused severe damage and we will be in reconstruction for the next couple weeks.
Words cannot convey how sorry we are to share this news with you.

I have been in business in Manzanita for almost 25 years and will continue, even stronger then before. 
We are here because of you!
Feel free to call or email or message me. I will continue to be working and available to all for communications. 

There is a good chance we can provide on-site massage, let me know if that is of interest to you.
On the bright side the spa is going to look AMAZING when we reopen!

Thank you for your support, we will see you soon.

Janice B Gaines (proprietor) and the rest of the staff (not all pictured here), Judy, Angela, Hayley, Autumn, Michael, Gul, Mel, Anna, Barbara, Nancy, Connie, Vickie, Susan, Mairade and Jamie, Mike and little Sammy