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Hi Pacers,Yesterday Mike and I took the food we have collected in just two weeks of Manzanita Pace Setters, it amounted to 65 pounds!
The North County Food Bank is thrilled and so are we, great job. Not only are we all taking better care of ourselves we are helping others and having fun to boot!
What more can you ask for?
Well actually since you ask…
When at the North County Food Bank I had the opportunity to meet Tony, she is in charge of The Norht County Clothing Bank, which also takes other house hold items like pots and pans.
So I am now adding to the collection of food any other items you may want to give to others that are in need. You can now bring with you clean folded unwanted clothing, shoes, or kitchen utensils.
Mike and I are happy to take these items with us to the North County Clothing Bank while we are taking the collected food to the North County Food Bank.
Thank you for you participation and please call me if you have any comments or questions about this program or the MPS club.
warm regards,