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Nehalem Estuary Cleanup,


March 28th


Join hardy volunteers of all ages for the 2009 Nehalem Estuary cleanup on Saturday, March 28th.  Orientation will begin at 7:45 am, upstairs at the Sea Shack, in downtown Wheeler.  Team leaders will describe different cleanup sites, gather volunteers, and head out to pick up trash, returning to the Sea Shack around noon.   Retrieving collected trash by boat and sorting for disposal will go on until around 3 pm.  Dress for the weather. Rubber boots, a hat, and snug fitting gloves are useful as well as a daypack for carrying extra clean-up bags, lunch, and water. 

Volunteers are invited to return to the Sea Shack at 6:30 pm. for a thank you dinner, featuring chili from Wanda’s Cafe in Nehalem and corn bread from Bread and Ocean in Manzanita.  And, if you aren’t too tired to cut a rug, local musicians will give you something to dance to!

In 2007, volunteers removed 15 yards of styrofoam, 66 tires, 15 barrels and drums, 2 refrigerators, 65 board feet of treated lumber, 2 cubic yards of plastic, 2 cubic yards of scrap metal, 4 barrels of glass, 1 barrel of aluminum cans, and an miscellaneous assortment of coffee makers, sports balls, shotgun shells, plastic toys and duck decoys. 

This 6th biennial Nehalem Estuary cleanup is organized by the Lower Nehalem Watershed Council and the Lower Nehalem Community Trust.  Sponsors include Oregon State Parks, Cart’m, SOLV, ODF&W, and many local businesses.  Your RSVP is a  help in our planning, but not imperative.  Contact the Trust at 503-368-3203 or lnct@nehalemtel.net 

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the health of our watershed!