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Last week while I was getting dressed to go running with MPS it was down pouring, not just raining but really raining, Mike was thinking “no way” and I was thinking “I have to go, I have a commitment to you and our club and I actually felt like running so what the heck.”  I was able to convince Mike to go by encouraging him and telling him how good he would feel when he was done and that a “little” rain is not a big deal, feels good on your skin and is very refreshing.


There is something about being out in the elements that feeds our soul in a special way.


Of course it does help to wear the right clothing.

If you have any questions about layering and the comfortable way to dress for a variety of weather and temperature conditions just let me know. I love this topic and I have affection for modern fabrics and how they help us be more comfortable, enhance movement and even help us prevent injury.


As nature is so unpredictable when we arrived to meet the other “brave” souls that showed up, the rain stopped and the skies got a bit brighter and we had a great time, in fact Mike said it was the best run he had had this year and felt super.  We also noticed everyone had bright smiles on their faces!


So next time you have an “opportunity” to push yourself past your comfort zone and get outside into what appears to be uncomfortable elements you might very well be surprised by the rewards.!

I highly encourage you to try; you know “just do it”!


This weeks w,j,r is a friendly loop through the golf course trail off of 3rd street and down to the park.

I noticed that some of the walkers are now jogging a bit and up hill, that is awesome, I am proud of you! So lets all try this a bit, push yourself some either in distance or pace. This week’s courses are perfect for either.