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Had a great day today, went over to the Wilson River trail with Mike. We started out at the Gales Creek trail-head, but it was really slippery, that red clay mud and new fallen leaves made it like a skating rink.  So with tails tucked we turned around and thought well we can at least get a workout in by riding up a logging road. We did, right from the campground we headed up a long continuous climb that had some breaks in it and was very rideable. The road was in great shape in fact better then most paved roads in Tillamook county. We broke out of the trees really early in the climb, fall sun and no wind made it delightful. We got up on a ridge and took in an astonishing view of Mt Hood, Mt Adam, Mt St. Helens, Mt Rainer and Mt Jefferson. Can you believe that? FIVE CASCADE RANGE MOUNTAINS ALL IN ONE EYEFULL!!! We continued this climb which took us up to the top of Round Top Mnt, a 3k peak that was one of the original fire watch tours and is now a 911 Relay station. 
Had a great fast decent, got a bit chilly coming down but really fun.

This is a great ride for the cardio hit, the ease of a non-technical ride and a big reward. Well worth doing on a clear day for sure.

There is a ton of great riding in the Wilson River Highway/ Tillamook Forest check out the “new” forestry center on Hwy 6, about an hour from Portland and an hour from my house in Manzanita.


To finish the day off we had a nice filling dinner and margaritas at Dos Rocas an excellent Mexican restaurant in Rockaway.

Happy trails,