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Zen Lifestyles Class

Zen Lifestyles is an interactive, group process experience that involves learning about, and practicing the basic principles of relaxed thinking, mindful attention, emotional vibrancy, behavioral flexibility, soulful creativity, and spiritual harmony and peace. This class includes meditation, spontaneous movement and dance, free-form art and writing, open-ended conversation and narration….and lots of laughter, fun, and joyous relationship-building between participants.  Although the “theory” evolved from early Japanese Buddhism, Chinese Taoism, and Christian Mysticism….this class is non-religious in nature….and focuses on fundamental dynamics of compassion, freedom, creativity, happiness, community-building, and love.  


To be held at:                        spa manzanita

                                                                 “one block from the pacific ocean”

                                                                144 Laneda Ave.

                                                                 Manzanita, Oregon

                                                                 503 368.4777




Days and Time:          Monday Evenings at  6pm           


                                                          January 12 – February 16 (6 weeks)

           $70 (for entire class)



William Eldridge, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emeritus and Psychotherapist, Ohio State Univ.


(503) 436-0766


 Bill is a retired Existential Psychotherapist and Social Work Professor from Ohio State University, with nearly 40 years experience in teaching, consulting, writing about, and researching various dynamics of human growth and development, self-actualized living, psycho-emotional harmony and balance, inspirational living, and healthy communities.  He was the Founder of the Center for Peace Studies and Community Development in Columbus, Ohio….and now lives in Cannon Beach, to be near his family and twin grandchildren, in Portland.