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  • Had a fabulous experience!
    Everyone was very friendly and happy!
    Chris was very professional and did an amazing job!!! I’ve never felt better !
    The only problem is…..I live too far away to be a regular client!!
    Thanks for a wonderful, relaxing experience!
    I will be back!! June 2012
  • I have had a massagewith Judy before, and am appreciative of her knowledge and technique as I am a massage therapist myself.  But, the Acutonics that I had during my last session was really the highlight for me.  I felt so incredibly balanced after that session.  It totally released some issues that I had been having for a while around my lungs.  I would highly recommend Judy anytime for either a massage or Acutonics! May 2012
  • We recently went to Spa Manzanita on a girls weekend. They were able to accommodate 4 worn out mamas and we all came away satisfied with the service provided. The therapists were wonderful, the receptionist was fun, and the owner a genuinely nice person. Price was a little on the high end, but would definitely return. May 2012
  • This is my favorite spa in Oregon.  I am not a “spa person” and don’t really like the super hush-hush posh-posh style of  a lot of spas.  This place is lovely, but relaxed, jolly, and low-key.  Theron is a terrific massage therapist, with lots of training in various kinds of body work.  I have been here with groups of friends who have always been extremely happy with their treatments.  It’s a little crowded in the front retail area — I kind of needed to sit and maybe have a drink of water or a cup of tea after my last treatment, but there were three people around the counter and a staff  apparently consulting them on facial products right at the register, but they were also taking up the only chairs.  If they can solve that problem, the experience would be even better.   March 2012
  • My husband and I had the couple’s massage (90 mins for $255 total) and we loved it!  Susan (the therapist I had) is phenomenal and, clearly, has many years of experience as she was able to hit all my “spots” with out much (any?) guidance.  My husband had a male therapist whose name is escaping me now but he said it was possibly the best massage he has ever had.  The spa is clean and well stocked with fantastic and interesting products.  Great service, skilled therapists.  We’re looking forward to a return visit. Jan 2012
  • I had a wonderful massage by Susie last weekend.  I appreciated the fact that it was therapeutic, not a “Swedish” massage – customized to address my specific problem areas.  The spa itself is lovely, warm and inviting.  I highly recommend Spa Manzanita! Nov 2011
  • The staff was very friendly and the spa itself, although small, was cozy and inviting.  I would certainly visit Spa Manzanita again!  October 2011
  • I have had 2 massages with LMP, Chris who is excellent at deep tissue massage. Two days after the massage, my muscles are feeling so much better and my body seems to be aligned better. Chris’ work is very professional, relaxing, and it seems by the way he works, he has great knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and massage therapy. At other spas or clinics the therapists that I’ve tried have been too tentative, the massage was too light, their touch too abrupt. If you are looking for a massage that is as physically therapeutic as it is relaxing, book a 90 minute massage with Chris.

Janice, Don’t let him get overbooked. I don’t want to wear him out!  Sept 2011


  • Spa Manzanita is a five-star experience in the most charming town on the coast!  Janice Gaines and her staff attend to all details of the experience with gentle professionalism and grace.  From the moment you walk in you feel the calming ocean influence.  Licensed Massage Therapist Suzy Dougher is new to the staff and a talented massage therapist.  I requested a relaxing soothing massage and she provided me with the perfect stress relief muscle relaxant.  Thank you Janice, and the rest of the staff. July 2011
  • I spend the 4th of July weekend in Manzanita and my friend booked me a massage in her favorate place. It was the best massage I have ever received. The Lady had healing hands and the entire spa is so friendly and professional. July 2011