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Once again its time to shed your inhibitions, fear, commons sense and clothes (bathing suits are pretty much required it’s a family event)!

When: New Years Day of course!

Where: Neahkahnie Beach, the parking lot just north of the stop sign on Beulah Reed Road. It’s the last big parking area on the north end of the beach. (one mile north of Laneda Ave downtown).

Time: 10:00 am that’s the time we meet and take pictures and have our friends (the ones not doing it) laugh at us. Then we “just do it”.

Please try to be on time so we don’t have to freeze our tuckus off while you are running up yelling “wait for me”!

Post: After the plunge you are invited to come by spa manzanita for hot cider, tea, treats and war stories!

Any questions: If you want to know if it’s crazy to do this well yes and no is the answer!  Any other questions just call or email Janice Gaines at the spa.

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