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This review came in and I could not resist posting it, thank you BS
“Spa Manzanita is a jewel. What’s not to like about a sleek, modern spa located in Manzanita Oregon, aka the last cool place, with a wholesome, healthy, naturalistic feel, with a great staff and impeccable service!
The spa offers you a multitude of unique, creative, and ultra luxurious skin and body treatments. that bring peace to your mind and body, and reinvigorate your energy level, and enliven your soul. Your stress will melt away like butter the minute you walk in the door and your sense of smell is suddenly and opulently flooded with the aroma of the spas custom made massage oils, bath salts, and other all natural treatments for your skin. And the place is not just for pampering. For you serious athletes looking for therapeutic deep tissue massage look no further than the owner, Janice Gaines, to handle your bodies needs. Few people know the body as well as Janice. A former world class cyclist and downhill skier who if I’m not mistaken was. on the US Olympic cycling or ski team. You owe it to yourself to find a reason to come down to this gorgeous little coastal town and treat yourself right.”