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That was amazing, taking 10 off and closing the spa (first time in history), and just taking a break. The weather went perfect, sunny and dry the whole time.

Judy went on a road trip to northern California to see a friend, hiked and ate good food and just relaxed and loved the drive.

Barbara wen to central Oregon and go some dessert dirt on her shoes and and worked in her yard.

Karen went to eastern Oregon and took in some beautiful scenes and enjoyed her yard

Cheri is in Florida visiting her mother, long overdue and enjoying the warm beaches.

Patricia worked in yard and just loved it and her yard is amazing.

Sissy did art, she is incredibly gifted.

Elisha took Ronin (her baby) to the Newport aquarium and had a blast and just enjoyed time at home with her family.

As for me, I slept in (which is crazy), and I went on a ton of hikes all around the north Oregon coast. I am a born again hiker and “peak bagging” is my new passion. I love going off trail and using GPS mapping. So fun to explore the outdoors and nature is truly healing.

…And into the forest I go, to loose my mind and find my soul. john muir