CBD curative foot soak – “soak when it hurts”

Benefit from time just soaking your feet in warm water infused with highly concentrated CBD salts.

Soaking salts are a luxurious blend of Epsom, Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts infused with a proprietary blend of essential oils and CBD derived from organically grown hemp. Aroma therapeutic essential oils, including Lavender and Bergamot, relax and soothe the senses. These soaking salts are designed to deliver full body relief by helping you to relax and melt the tension away. Served with a lovely cup of Fruit and Almond Tea

20min $30


CBD curative pedicure

Feet are soaked in soaking salts are a luxurious blend of Epsom, Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts infused with a proprietary blend of essential oils and CBD derived from organically grown hemp. Aroma therapeutic essential oils, including Lavender and Bergamot, relax and soothe the senses. These soaking salts are designed to deliver full body relief by helping you to relax and melt the tension away. A full pedicure follows with exfoliation, massage nail/cuticle care and polish

 50min $75


spa manzanita is launching new services!!!

facial department is getting a new face :-)

these are just a few of the new services we are offering, in addition to the classic services we offer!

*ocean illumination facial

Fantastic for reducing pigmentation and creating a glowing radiance. This special facial includes a Microdermabrasion service followed by a Phytomer Vitamin C Mask over a serum for brightening the skin, finished off with a brightening illumination cream.                                             Seventyfive Minutes $170

*restore by the sea facial

Created as a Anti Aging, Preventative and Corrective Facial.  This facial will result in a feel of being lifted and smoothed. A two mask facial that  begins with a Alpha Hydroxy mask, followed by tensing-smoothing mask laid over a restoring replenishing serum. Finished off with a phenomenal restructuring moisturizer.     Sixtyfive minutes $130

*beach face fresh facial

An oxygenating facial that is perfect for tired, dull of distressed skin. Start with a creamy micro scrub that eliminates dead skin cells, followed by the most delicious mask that warms up as it works pulling out all impurities. Next we place a serum that focus on dark spots and tired skin that is laid under a freshening mask. Finished off with a repairing cream.    Seventyfive minutes $160

*smoothing radiant eye treatment

An eye radiance mask combined with a revitalizing massage dedicated to the eye contour area. One treatment brings visible results.   Add on to any facial $20

*beach time-out for body & face

Indulge in an ocean sea salt scrub for the entire body that is luscious for the skin, followed by our Ocean Smoothing Stone Facial and a deep warm therapeutic moisturizing paraffin hand treatment. Lots of time is allotted for neck, shoulder, arms and feet massage in this escape.        Hour and fortyfive minutes $205



Thanks so much for your kind response to me email last week. I keep thinking about your wonderful spa & the amazing technicians who pampered me during my treatments. What a very special place you have! I’ve been to many day spas in the US & in Europe (while I lived there) and yours is my favorite! I can’t wait to come back! Being at Spa Manzanita for my 60th birthday was the perfect way to honor & spoil myself! Soon you will have your own 60th as well, so I’m hoping you can pamper yourself that day too! You deserve it!

Thanks again for the exceptional spa experience!!

All the best,


A Note from Janice

The other day a person emailed us to book a couple services. I personally picked up this email about 15min after it came in. This was a new client because we always look to see if they have been to the spa before, if they have we call. I responded with all the normal questions: What is your full name? Can I have a cell number? And what time of day is best for you?

I did not get a response….about 3 hours later, I emailed again (as we do) to be sure our email was received and if there was any other questions.

Nothing.. no response. Okay since this booking was a couple weeks out, no worries. I emailed one more time two days later just to be thorough, (something my mother taught me). Many many times folks are very glad we follow up. This potential client then responded with “I booked on-line somewhere else, it was easier that way.”

Okay fair enough….

I guess I am just really old fashion. Dang me for missing the days when you called a business and a human answered the phone and could give you all the information you need and maybe even share a laugh or two. Good “old fashion” communication, oh boy do I miss that. Well I am determined to not give it up in my life and my business. I am open seven days a week and we are here if you have any questions and want to be sure to book exactly what you want. It is expensive to go to a spa and I want you to spend your hard earned money in a way you will be happy. You might be booking a for a friend or spouse (they are the same), that has been to the spa before and we can look them up and help make suggestions as to what they might like.

When you call us you might even have a question or two about the town like where to eat, what is going on and maybe something you did not think of. We are here to serve our community and to keep the flow of human communication alive.

Yes we are in the business of CUSTOMER SERVICE.. call me old fashion, I’ll take it with pride.

with love and care,

Janice Gaines

December is Here

The holiday season is a great time to get away and come to the beach. Not only can you walk off some of those extra calories but you can de-stress and take in nature, the best gift of all.

Here are a few photos I have taken to remind of the beauty of winter wonderland in Manzanita and the coast.

Thank you for letting me share and be sure to come by and say hello when you are here. We are open everyday this month except December 25th.

Joy and peace…

Janice Gaines and all of us at spa manzanita


spa manzanita has always had a shop. We are now going to call it a boutique. Which means we are being much more selective and careful with our purchases. I came up with this part of our story out of the destruction of the spa this summer when we were closed due to water damage.

Here is part of the new message:A full boutique with unique and carefully chosen clothing, body and face care products, candles and more. We strive to sell, locally crafted, organic, fair trade products. Especially looking for B-Corp registered companies. Wanting to support small business, with world ecology and human respect and kindness as priority


A New Shopping Experience at spa manzanita

We are so excited to announce that we will now be selling some very special, carefully selected clothing items. Featuring comfort that we call snugginess and we are choosing eco/earth friendly products. Also searching wide and far for excellent fair trade items that honor and respect labor from abroad as well as US made products.

Come by see and feel, we are open everyday!

Thank you!

P.S. Mike and I made the retail hangers from locally reclaimed wood :-)



I Would Like to Share Something: 

This morning I woke up early to start writing my thank you notes to those, (and I am very sure I am missing many) that helped out, supported and worked to put the Spa back together. During this assignment I came to pause and had a thought (it happens once in awhile). It hit me like a train: that this water inundation event (that’s insurance jargon), on July 20th that closed the spa down in a heartbeat was not at all a tragedy but actually a blessing and a bit of a life changer. Yes it created havoc, confusion and a pile of work but like I was saying; I was writing my thank notes and realized how fortunate I am and how wonderful people are. Kindness, generosity and the community of folks that just said “let’s chip in and get this done” was nothing but heartwarming. These were thoughts, experiences and feelings I had been getting hits of all along these last 8 weeks but I was kind of busy to take pause, but I was also aware that I felt “okay”. Just another bump in the road of life and a reminder to bend your knees to absorb the bumps, laugh a bit and take a moment and ask yourself “is this really so bad”? One more thing I learned, (thanks for indulging me) is to be a kinder person - now that is what I call a blessing!


Monday August 20th

Exactly 4 weeks from the day the "water inundation" closed the spa to the day of reopening!


  • "Change is inevitable. Will you drive that change or be driven by it?" 
  • "It always seems impossible until it's done." --Nelson Mandela
  • "Whether you think you can or think you can't... You're right." --Henry Ford
  • "The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing." --Walt Disney