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This morning I woke up early to start writing my thank you notes to those, (and I am very sure I am missing many) that helped out, supported and worked to put the Spa back together. During this assignment I came to pause and had a thought (it happens once in awhile). It hit me like a train: that this water inundation event (that’s insurance jargon), on July 20th that closed the spa down in a heartbeat was not at all a tragedy but actually a blessing and a bit of a life changer. Yes it created havoc, confusion and a pile of work but like I was saying; I was writing my thank notes and realized how fortunate I am and how wonderful people are. Kindness, generosity and the community of folks that just said “let’s chip in and get this done” was nothing but heartwarming. These were thoughts, experiences and feelings I had been getting hits of all along these last 8 weeks but I was kind of busy to take pause, but I was also aware that I felt “okay”. Just another bump in the road of life and a reminder to bend your knees to absorb the bumps, laugh a bit and take a moment and ask yourself “is this really so bad”? One more thing I learned, (thanks for indulging me) is to be a kinder person – now that is what I call a blessing!