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❄️ We’ve got you covered for Winter skincare. Colder months bring a change in humidity, exposure to indoor heaters, and biting winds that can make skin feel rougher and drier and look duller.  A simple routine helps your skin stay hydrated, smooth and nourished.

Start with a gentle cleanser that boosts hydration without stripping the skin’s moisture barrier. We love OSEA Cleansing Milk.  It is a fragrance free facial cleanser that melts away everything from dirt and debris to makeup all without stripping the skin’s moisture barrier. It gently cleanses to promote a clean, radiant complexion. This pH-balanced formula soothes dry skin so it’s left feeling smooth, healthy and hydrated. Dermatologist approved and safe for sensitive skin.

After cleansing, you will want to exfoliate and treat your skin. Try targeted serums and gentle surface-buffing to replenish and re-energize dull skin. OSEA’s Hyaluronic Sea Serum, Essential Hydrating Oil and Seaglow Resurfacing Scrub are our go-tos.  The Seaglow Resurfacing Scrub is a multi-tasking exfoliating scrub. The power of flower acids combined with oceanic physical exfoliants promotes cell renewal, visibly minimizes pores and smoothes away dull, uneven skin. It clarifies pores for a revitalized, glowing complexion. The Hyaluronic Sea Serum uses Hyaluronic Acid and three nutrient-rich seaweeds to restore and maintain optimal moisture levels, keeping your skin hydrated all day long.  The OSEA Essential Hydrating Oil is an obsession-worthy face oil that locks in hydration for a healthy, glowing complexion. Pink microalgae + 14 antioxidant-rich oils plump skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Everyday magic for softer, smoother skin.

Lastly, moisturize moisturize moisturize. Switch out your lightweight moisturizers for thick, heavy-duty creams. We love OSEA Advanced Protection Cream for daily use. It is a nourishing cream that firms skin, reduces wrinkle appearance and promotes a radiant, even complexion. Sea minerals, amino acids and biomimetic lipids synergistically deliver deep hydration for your best skin ever. Unparalleled barrier protection. For an added boost of hydration we love the Farmhouse Fresh Guac Star Soothing Mask once or twice a week – or even daily! This revitalizing mask is packed with fresh avocado butter, extract and oil from California-grown non-GMO creamy avocados to deliver key fatty acids to support the outermost layer of skin that helps protect from environmental stresses.

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