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Are some of you trying to loose a few pounds and maybe have hit a weight-loss plateau?

I suggest that you start cross training and whatever you do, do not cut too many calories out of your diet, which will only result in slowing your metabolism down making it even harder to loose weight.

Cross-training will burn more calories!

Mixing up the routines is a good way to surprise your body and keep it guessing: that fuels the fire in the belly resulting in higher metabolic rate. This is also healthy for muscle balance and injury prevention from over use.

So try swimming, ridding a bike, hiking hills and strength/core training. If you are not efficient at some of these activities, not a problem, being inefficient actually burns more calories.

Another note on this matter is when you are out there doing your wjr (remember: walk, jog run), do some speed work. When you do speed work you end up burning more calories in a 24 hour period. The short duration higher intensity workout raises your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) over a longer period time, resulting in more calories burned. Cool uh?

All you have to do is work a bit harder for short bouts and be sure to mix it up some.

Another bonus to higher intensity training, (anaerobic) is you get more endorphins that get you high! Cool uh?