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You want to get in shape, you can imagine what it would be like, there are days you get up and get out there and it feels great, but then there are other days….

Well I wish there was a magic potion to give you discipline or some special words that would help… actually here are some:


There is nothing but your own personal desire and that has to be enough. I was talking to someone the other day and I told her that either way you have to pay a price. If you choose not to workout (train, exercise…) then its not any easier for you in fact I think life is harder and not as much fun.


  •  Because if I don’t make fitness a priority, no one else will
  •  If I work out I will lose weight and inches which means I can wear some of my old favorites clothes
  • I am ready to throw my perfectionist, all or nothing attitude out the window. Fifteen minutes is better than none – so if that is all I can do one day, then do it
  • I sleep much better at night when I exercise
  • I will feel better about my body image
  • My heart will be very grateful
  • You will be sexier (oh no…)(like who wouldn’t like that?)
  • Oh yea the one about being healthier in every darn conceivable way
  • Now you come up with some of your own, the one I use is “okay Janice get up you know how good it will feel to have a great workout in today, come on….”

 I can go on and on but lucky for you I won’t, but one thing you got to get in your head is that:


Its not something you are going to do temporarily oh yea that reminds me of this one:

THERE IS NO FINISH LINE~Nike (well actually there is but you don’t want to think about that one).