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Last week I mentioned that some of you may want to set a goal to challenge yourself to do more. I bring this up because I hear all the time that you want to feel better, look better and be healthier.     In order to do this you need to make some changes, a few tweaks!

  1. If you feel you are overweight and running stresses your joints.

Shedding some weight will make running easier and reduce injury potential. I suggest gradually incorporating running with your regular walks. Try 10 seconds run 50 seconds walk for 10 cycles and then increase the ratio of run to walk.

  1. You think you don’t need to run fast, that may be true, but by trying to push your pace you will improve your form and therefore become more efficient and less prone to injury.  I suggest trying to pick up your pace for 25 to 100 yards and then fall back into your regular pace. Do this a few times during your workout.
  2. Longer runs? Yes! It improves your endurance, improves your fat burning abilities and builds overall stamina. Once a week add one mile on to your regular run. If you feel tired or fatigued just walk and before you know it you will be running 5 miles! Try and get to the place where you can jog 45 to 60 minutes, now were talking endurance!