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I would like to address the topic of dressing for running. (And when I say running I mean walking too!)

While running shoes continue to be the most important piece of athletic equipment for a runner, some consideration must still be paid to what you put on the rest of your body. Dress yourself in proper running attire to have a more comfortable run or walk.


Shoes: are designed for a certain purpose, running shoes are for forward motion with momentum, stability and higher impact then walking shoes. Pick the right shoe for the activity! There are a number of really good stores that can help you. I love the folks at the Portland Running Company. (This includes wearing the right shoes for the gym too!)


Legs: So here are you working muscles and joints, let’s keep them warm, they work better that way and it helps to prevent injury when kept warm. Especially the knees! Temperature and comfort control comes from the waist up! Often times you will see a runner out there with a nice running jacket and shorts! Heck I say if you need a jacket to keep warm then you better have something over your knees! If you need to cool off, then take the jacket off not the leg covering. (a short story:, when I was riding on the US Cycling team and living at the Olympic Training Camp, we had a big thermostat on the outside of the coaches building and if you showed up with riding shorts on (or your helmet off), and the thermostat was below 60degrees, you got fined $25.00, no ifs end or butts. At first we all complained but after awhile I loved the way my knees and legs felt and go use to it).


Upper Body: Here is where you get to play with how you personally like it!

Your blood comes closest to the surface at your wrist/hands, neck and top of your head, thus you can control temperature and comfort level by covering or uncovering these areas. It’s easy to tuck a hat into the back of your shorts, pull your sleeves up or down, zip or unzip if you are wearing this type of shirt. I personally love gloves and I have quit an assortment of them!


Clothing material: wow this is the fun part! There are so many cool state of art apparel choices out there and believe me it really makes a difference on how you feel! When you are producing heat and moisture you absolutely need wicking material for temp control and comfort.

You don’t want something on that is going to absorb moisture and get balled up and rub and make you cold! Plus the weight factor, you want light weight breathable, wicking, comfortable athletic wear! Forget buying a new pair of jeans or a summer dress, get some new running clothes!

I personally love Nike’s selection of active wear. There is even a great outlet store up north at Seaside.

REI also has a number of great choices on apparel and they are having their big one year sale starting today!


Okay time for me to head out for some elevated heart rate stuff!




P.S. FYI: I am going to be doing a column for the North Coast Citizen starting the end of May; it’s going to be a Q and A type of column.

So I am offering it up right now to you guys if you would like me to research and answer any questions you have about fitness, sport, wellness and nutrition I would love to get a head start. I am quite nervous and excited about this! J