Once again its time to shed your inhibitions, fear, commons sense and clothes (bathing suits are pretty much required it's a family event)! Photo by Dave Dillon

When: New Years Day of course!

Where: Neahkahnie Beach, the parking lot just north of the stop sign on Beulah Reed Road. It's the last big parking area on the north end of the beach. (one mile north of Laneda Ave downtown).

Time: 10:00 am that's the time we meet and take pictures and have our friends (the ones not doing it) laugh at us. Then we "just do it". Please try to be on time so we don't have to freeze our tuckus off while you are running up yelling "wait for me"!

Rules: Very Important - We have to gather on the beach together and form a group so we can take a group photo, in our bathing suits, then there is a countdown and we all run in the ocean together!

Post: We hope to have a big fire on the beach to cozy up to after the plunge. Then you are invited to come by spa manzanita for hot cider, tea, treats and war stories!

Any questions: If you want to know if it's crazy to jump in the ocean in January the answer is yes, so come join us!!! Any other questions just call or email Janice Gaines at the spa. 503 368.4777 janice@spamanzanita.com

Cardiovascular Workshop Follow-Up

By all accounts the workshop was a super success! With ten gals and one guy  (who had just had shoulder surgery), we all topped Neahkahnie Mountain on Sunday morning, the weather was perfect, a beautiful fall day.

Everyone was very successful at applying what we learned on Saturday to the hike, setting aerobic heart-rate zones, learning and testing out the range at which one could work at, comparing those numbers to perceived efforts to real effort.

A very motivating realization.

Just a note that the most fit hiker in the workshop was 60 years young and following close behind was another 63 year young.

A true inspiration to all including me.

I look forward to teaching this workshop again and if you are interested in being contacted about that please just drop me a note.


Janice B Gaines BS LMT