You have been invited by Janice B Gaines and Joy Adventure Club to Buff Up for Bucks in Manzanita Oct 16.

JOIN US Buff-up at this fun on-the-beach workout in Oregon's majestic Manzanita! Learn muscle-making moves to get your pulse pumping and calories a-melting. Movement and instruction led by fitness trainer Janice Gaines of                                      Spa Manzanita and Fit Manzanita

Location: Spa Manzanita 144 Laneda Manzanita, OR 97103 US
When: Saturday, October 16, 1:00PM to 4:00PM


MEET @Spa Manzanita, near the beach in Manzanita, Oregon

WEAR Be prepared for any weather: sun, wind, rain and/or clouds. Bring hats, tank tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, rain gear and pants.

BRING -$25 suggested donation to North County Food Bank

-Food or drink to share.


Wendy Mitchell, Judy Zehr, Tiffany Chantel Wheeler, Lisa Isabell, and Margaret FiveCrows are five women spanning three generations putting fun to work for good causes. www.joyadventureclub.org

Harvest Local Hatchery Fish for our Local North County Food Bank

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,
It's that time of year again. The Coho Salmon are nearly ready for their charge up river to spawn. We are preparing to harvest local hatchery fish for our local North County Food Bank. We'll be looking for volunteers to help with some basic fish hauling and soliciting some $ for the cause.
This effort is in cooperation with the good folks at ODFW. Last year we were able to capture 41% of the Waterhouse Falls fish trap run on the North Fork of the Nehalem River, for a total of 157 fish. Of these, 146 were filleted, processed and canned at The Tillamook Boat House in Garibaldi. This yielded 1,129  7.5 oz. cans for our local food bank! 11 fish were delivered directly to The Nehalem Bay House which provided 338 meals for the residents.
Darus Peake and the Tillamook Bay Boat House are graciously doing the filleting, processing and canning again this year at cost only. Last year the cost was $1,693.50. We received contributions from ODFW Hunters Fund and the North County Food Bank. This year our goal is to raise $2,000 and not use food bank funds. All contributions will of course be tax deductable. If you or someone you know, organization, business would like to contribute to a great cause, please let us know. We will also be looking for volunteers to help move the fish from capture site to process plant. This will entail a bit of cardio energy and not a bad little workout if you are up for it. Let's just call it "the salmon stair master". We'll have morning and afternoon shifts that will probably not last more than a couple of hours including drive time, depending on the heaviness of the run on a given day. The time frame on this capture is roughly Oct. 1st to 21st when the fish are running.  Bill Campbell will be coordinating volunteer availability as well as donations. All donations will go through our local North County Food Bank.
This year we also plan to deliver fresh fish to the Kilchis House in addition to afore mentioned Nehalem Bay House.
This is a great win win situation. Local salmon, staying local and providing a fabulous source of protein and omega 3s to our local community. Come out and join us and see this operation for yourself. It's pretty cool.
Hope you are all having a fabulous Fall season. Oh, and please feel free to pass this along!
All the best,
Mike Ehlen
cell 503-307-0322
Bill Campbell

Salmon Harvest Volunteer Call

Subject:  North county Food Bank Volunteer Call - 2009 Salmon Harvest  Please note this worthy cause below as per Bill Campbell, Food Bank, ODFW, and Darus Peake of Tillamook Bay Boat House.

This will be a huge benefit for our local food bank. It will supply a top source of protein and omega 3s to local folks and families in need, with minimal shipping(carbon footprint), and donated, recyclable packaging by our own local packer.

I hope to see you when the first big rains hit up above the Hatchery. Call or email Bill Campbell or Mike Ehlen with your contact info and to reserve your spot in the line up. Also note: We’ll probably do a little socializing when the gig is Mike Ehlen Cell- 503-307-0322 mehlen@nehalemtel.net

                                                                                                           2009 Salmon Harvest

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife contacted Ms. Imie Camelli October 5, 2009, the head mistress of the North County food Bank and asked if she would like some captured salmon to augment their food supplies for the North County area.  The answer was in the affirmative, I volunteered to assist Imie in coordinating the endeavor and here is where we are:


  • ODFW captures and kills the fish, peak periods may reach 100-150 fish per hour –
  • ODFW operates two sites on the North Fork of the Nehalem River – one at the hatchery and another upstream at the falls – they cannot clean or open the fish -
  • They have agreed to a cleaning station above the falls to be operated by volunteers (our biggest need at present) –
  • The Tillamook Bay Boathouse, Darus Peake, has agreed to process the fish and to provide totes and a trailer to ice and transport the fish to the cannery in Garibaldi on a daily basis.  The salmon will be processed and canned at cost – funds are being provided by ODFW, the Food Bank and donations are also accepted –
  • We are coordinating the process and setup with the County Health Department to ensure that it meets all processed food requirements, Ms Morgan Poloni is the Health Officer on the case –
  • We envision the need for teams of volunteers to bring the fish from the capture point to the cleaning station, some 400 meters upstream, and a four person team to feed, clean and ice-pack the cleaned fish.
  • Cleaning involves cutting out the gills, guts and bloodline under the spine.  Cleaning extends the process time by 2-3 days; whereas, not cleaning the fish requires cleaning within 10-12 hours maximum –
  • The fish will come with the heaver rain and rise in the river level, there are some fish in the river at present, but the peak is anticipated in a week or two, we are hopeful of having several (8) teams of 6 persons each or more –

 If interested in volunteering please contact us at

bcampbell@nehalemtel.net, or 503-368-3134 – we need your name, phone number and email address to record your contribution and to put you on a North County Food Bank volunteer team –  

Thank you, 

Bill Campbell

PS- If you ain’t got the time, how ‘bout a dime?

Update on Manzanita Pace Setters

Hi Pacers,Yesterday Mike and I took the food we have collected in just two weeks of Manzanita Pace Setters, it amounted to 65 pounds! The North County Food Bank is thrilled and so are we, great job. Not only are we all taking better care of ourselves we are helping others and having fun to boot! What more can you ask for? Well actually since you ask... When at the North County Food Bank I had the opportunity to meet Tony, she is in charge of The Norht County Clothing Bank, which also takes other house hold items like pots and pans. So I am now adding to the collection of food any other items you may want to give to others that are in need. You can now bring with you clean folded unwanted clothing, shoes, or kitchen utensils. Mike and I are happy to take these items with us to the North County Clothing Bank while we are taking the collected food to the North County Food Bank. Thank you for you participation and please call me if you have any comments or questions about this program or the MPS club. warm regards, Janice