Caitlin's "Trashion" outfit

Caitlin's "Trashion" outfit

Caitlin Goodwin

Esthetician Extraordinaire and Wonderful Person

For the last decade, Caitlin has applied her love for helping people through working as an esthetician, yoga teacher, and fitness instructor. She takes a whole body approach ensuring her clients feel beautiful from the inside out. Caitlin graduated from Portland State University in 2012 with a BS in Physical Activity/ Exercise Science and continues education in all realms of fitness, yoga, health, wellness and beauty.

As an esthetician for the last fourteen years, Caitlin has had the opportunity to work with a variety of skincare lines and a variety of skin types. This broad knowledge is key in helping the varying skincare needs of her clients. She is known for her eyebrow waxing technique and loves to shape fresh brows!

When Caitlin isn't in the studio, she can be found nurturing her passion for the outdoors or seeking out adventure. She spends her downtime rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding, surfing and enjoying everything these great outdoors have to offer!