Hayley Elizabeth Redinger

Licensed Massage Therapist
Oregon License # 22531

Hayley graduated from Everest College in Vancouver, WA. She has been practicing massage therapy professionally since October 2012. 

She is very grateful to have found her second home, here at Spa Manzanita. 

"It is rare to find such a gem of a healing center. It is a highly cooperative, collaborative and functional team. Everyone shares the same vision and mission. It really feels like an oasis for the guests, as well as the staff. These people are genuinely interested in helping others achieve maximum wellness, relaxation, empowerment and realization of their true beauty." 

Hayley is a certified spa therapist and believes in the power of the body to heal itself with the correct application of blockage-release techniques. She loves to incorporate elements from the natural world, such as salt, stones and essential oils to aid in the sometimes delicate healing process.

Though very adaptable to each person's needs, the main focus of her treatments is on the fascial system and the body as a whole unit. She includes trigger point therapy, active isolated stretching, muscle energy techniques, and some acupressure techniques in her result-driven sessions.

"Many of us have forgotten how to breathe correctly. It takes practice to receive a massage effectively. I guide clients through using deep breaths during their massages. The breath guides the pressure applied, and reveals muscle holding patterns. It truly is the key to opening the door to release and healing- the breath walks you through that door."

She has experience working with the public at sporting events, health and wellness fairs, along with experience working within oncology and hospice centers. The majority of her experience is working with motor vehicle accident patients, in multi-professional healing centers.

"I am happy to be of service and look forward to working with visitors and locals of beautiful Manzanita!