Judy Hathaway, BS

Licensed Massage Therapist & Nail Technician
License #6481 since 1998

Judy is a well-grounded therapist with over 30 years of personal study in meditation, nature and healing. She received her massage training from the Oregon School of Massage and was licensed in 1997, focusing on traditional Chinese medicine, and is a Reiki II initiate. Judy says, "My goal in massage is to enhance the flow of ch'i (natural healing energy) through focused bodywork and energy balancing. I incorporate elements of Shiatsu, Polarity, Reiki and Acupressure into every massage."

In addition, Judy is a specialist in Acutonics - a system of sound healing that uses tuning forks and singing bowls to direct sound vibration into meridian points, trigger points and other points of pain. This treatment corrects the imbalances in the body's electrical/energetic system, producing profound results in treating a variety of physical and emotional conditions. This results in a body that is able to better heal itself and maintain health by allowing the body's natural healing energy to circulate freely. In 2019, after practicing Reiki for 25 years, Judy took the next step and became a Reiki Master.

Judy has been an Oregon resident since 1960 and a Manzanita resident since 2007. When not in the massage room, you will find her walking her dog on the beach or playing with her watercolors or a knitting project.