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New habits mean a change, which means changes in lifestyle.
It is as simple as that but, it’s not that simple is it? What does it mean to create life style changes? What this means is reviewing how we spend the hours in our days, doing what we do. We then decide we want to change some of the ways we spend some of our time.

You have to ask yourself what do you want to do less of, none of, or more of.

Make a point to evaluate how do you spend your hours?

This is your lifestyle!

Make a list:

What do you want to do in your daily routine that you do not do now?

What do you not want to do in your daily routine that you do do now?

I would suggest picking out no more then three items or even one if it’s a big one, (like quitting smoking), from the “do not” list and the same from the “do list”.

Now you have decided which behavior(s) you don’t want and which one(s) you do want we have to make a plan and set some goals. See how easy this is starting to look?

What does it mean to break a habit? “They” say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit. I say it takes as long as it takes but remember every journey starts with the first step. Sorry for the cliché but sometimes they just work!

You have made your decision on which piece of your life you want to eliminate or which part you want to bring in your life. Now you need to set a date and write it down. Count out 21 days that you will make the commitment to follow your plan. Getting easier?


  • Write down your goal. There is magic in the written word when it applies to you. Phrase it in positive affirmations. For example “I want to have healthy clean lungs” instead of “I have to quit this ugly smoking habit”
  • List the reasons why you want this change. Again, writing things down will help you think it out and bring in a higher conscience level. Your commitment becomes solidified.
  • New Habits-Remember the things you want to change take time. They have defined how your spend time.  This is the issue. So, we need to find a new routine for that time. For example, if it’s smoking after eating, try drinking a glass of water or having a sugar free lollypop etc…
  • Talk to yourself but be kind, as if you  were your own best friend! Tell you how good you are doing and keep yourself on track.
  • Ask for support from the folks that are around you.
  • Watch out for those that interfere or want to sabotage. It’s scary for some people to see you change. Be aware, assertive and gentle.

Can You Change the Way You Think?

A teacher takes a bit of lightweight thread and wraps it one time around a student’s wrists.

He tells the class, “This string represents the power of doing something one time. Can you break the string?”

The student easily breaks the thread with a small flick of his wrists. The teacher then wraps the string around the student’s wrists many times and repeats the challenge to break it.

Despite repeated efforts, the lightweight thread is too strong to break.

His teacher says, “Now you see the power of repeated actions… habits. It takes more than mere willpower and personal strength to break them. It takes a change in the way you think about the problem.” (Author unknown to me)

By changing our thoughts and our mental images we can change our reality and our life style. Creative visualization- see it, be it! This mental technique can help you attain the goals you set out for yourself.

When I coached bicyclists on how to avoid crashing (always a good thing), I would say “look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go”!  This works in our daily life as well, keep a picture in your mind of the person you want to be. Thoughts are very powerful. They create and mold our lives. Your personal thoughts travel to others which then can attract assistance.  This can help achieve what it is you would like to accomplish.

Stay positive. Create mental pictures of yourself as having already achieved your goals.

Contentment and health to you in 2010