Walk on the beach during your breaks!
Spa Manzanita is located one block from the beach in the heart of beautiful Manzanita, Oregon.
We have very strong client base and we have fun.

*Looking to hire 3 to 5 days (or 6 if you are like that) a week. Summer is our very busy time.
*Commissions based pay at a rate high for industry standards.
*Gratuities are excellent too.

-We do not mind if you are a beginner massage therapist, I am happy to help you along your new career path. 
-This position can be just for the summer or there is for sure an opportunity to stay on with us.

We are a fun group and love the work. What we require is someone that is kind, compassionate and loves the work.
We operate as a team and support each other.

I can help with finding a place to live, which can be challenging. Some folks have just camped out a night or two in the summer and work a few days. Not the worst thing. 
The spa is less than 2 hours from downtown Portland and about an hour from Hillsboro.